Mix for coffee and baking

Mix for coffee Mix for coffee and baking Mix for coffee and baking

Coffee If you are a fan of experimenting and discovering new tastes, then our self-created mixes of spices for coffee are for you. Choose and receive a package of freshly ground seasonings.
Add one pinch to a cup of already brewed coffee.

1. Classico
A product that allows you to free up the space in your kitchen cabinet and not spend extra money on purchasing a large amount of spices, which are unevenly consumed and might lose their scent overtime.
Just one pinch of ready-made mix will add brightness to your coffee and turn the most banal pastries into a small miracle.

Ingredients: cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, white pepper, ginger, nutmeg.

2. Arancia
The floral notes of cardamom combined with the fresh taste of ginger and orange peel will add a light, sweet and fruity flavor to your coffee.

Ingredients: cardamom, ginger, orange.

3. Misterioso
Sweet, spicy cinnamon, fragrant cloves, and your coffee takes on a mysterious spicy taste.

Ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves.

4. Cremoso
Creamy aroma of cardamom goes perfectly with the sweet, resinous, juniper aniseed aroma of pink pepper, bringing out the flavor and sweetness of coffee, reminding you of the taste of mulled wine.

Ingredients: cloves, pink pepper, cardamom.

5. Velato
The sweet aroma of anise is balanced by orange zest and a hint of warm black pepper bringing out the coffee sweetness.

Ingredients: anise, nutmeg, orange, black pepper.

6. Ardente
The sharpness of pepper will appeal to connoisseurs of explosive sensations. But a note of lemon will smooth out this fire.

Ingredients: cinnamon, lemon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger.

7. Amato
Sweet, dense taste with notes of nuts, cocoa and apple. Viscous with a slight acidity, leaving a long spicy aftertaste.

Ingredients: almonds, apple, cocoa, cloves, vanilla.

8. A set of 7 types of mixes.

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