Garlic salt

garlic salt garlic salt

Whether you are a gourmet or just a culinary lover, very simply the seasoning is indispensable in any kitchen. It organically combines salt, fresh garlic and herbs.
It is soft, gentle and not spicy. Use it instead of regular salt.

  • soups;
  • any meat, poultry, liver, minced/ground meat;
  • scrambled eggs, cereals, pate, fried potatoes;
  • fresh and baked vegetables;
  • pickling and salting vegetables;
  • pastries: bakery products, cakes with cheese, buns with meat and fish stuffing, pancakes etc.;

Ingredients: salt, garlic, basil, coriander. Store in a glass jar with a tightly attached lid, to avoid rapid drying and loss of flavor. Keep refrigerated.

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