Fruit chips

Фруктовые чипсы Фруктовые чипсы

1. Apple chips
From ecologically clean Georgian apples of the "Golden" variety. Crunch on your health with delicious apple slices. Sugar free.

2. Apple Chips with cinnamon
If you are a fan of healthy snacks, then apple chips with cinnamon are definitely for you. Cinnamon Apple Chips are the perfect combination of vitamins, with a subtle, hearty spice flavor. Sugar free.

3. Tangerine chips
There is no better antidepressant than a tangerine slice. Fragrant happiness, straight from childhood, is a great way to treat yourself with a healthy snack and cheer up. Sugar free.

4. Banana Chips
Instead of a bun, eat a banana. It contains the "protein of youth". Crunch and get younger!

5. Chips' mix
We can create any mix of chips for you

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