Exotic Jams

jam Blueberry

Welcome to the world of exquisite pleasure!
Our jam is a real culinary masterpiece.
We use only the freshest fruits and ingredients to create magical flavors which will delight your senses.
Give yourself a gift of luxury and enjoy every minute - you deserve the best!

  • Strawberry in champagne
  • Blueberries in mint syrup
  • Blueberries in orange syrup
  • Nectarine in whiskey
  • Apricot with almonds
  • Pear in white vine
  • Pear in cognac
  • Spicy figs
  • Melon with peach and vanilla
  • Melon with peach and anise
  • Fruit jelly

Our jams are irreplaceable for tea, pancakes, cheese, ice cream, porridge.

How to purchase our production

1. Online - order here

2. Shops in Tbilisi and Batumi - view list of shops

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